How secure are Cloud Services? Use your own Private Cloud!

How secure is our data in the „Cloud“. You should ask yourself this question if you follow recent events such as the hack of Evernote.

I like to use Cloud services because it is easy to have data everywhere always in sync. You get more and more service and applications connected to cloud services like Dropbox. I don’t want to miss the sync for my 1Password data anymore to have it on all my devices. Before 1Password got the iCloud option, I used the Dropbox sync with stomachache. I don’t know why, but I trust iCloud a little bit more than other cloud services. Yes I know it is also not the best thing to trust.

The well-known documents and notes Cloud service Evernote, is used by many people to organize their paperless office. For me it is a now go and to risky to put my personal data in Cloud services like Evernote. A few days before, Evernote get hacked. Evernote says that no Data and only personal Information like passwords and names were stolen.

Use your own Private Cloud!

Ok what now if you want to have your data in sync? Synology is a well known NAS Storage Company (Network Attached Storage) with a line-up of very good products. Synology is now providing a private Cloud with the new DSM Software. What does it mean? Your Synology NAS Box in at home connected with the internet and the Cloud Station service is running. On your Clients (Windows, OS X, iOS etc) you have the Cloud Station Client installed. You can now manage on your NAS Box which user can use the Cloud Station and which folders can be synced over the Cloud Station. Like Dropbox the files will be stored locally and updated immediately after a change and 8 versions of the file will be held.

Of Course this is not the safest in the world, but Hackers tend to large commercial services from which they can pull off a lot of user data. I have now moved all confidential data on my “private Cloud”, and have only non personal data stored on public Cloud services.

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